REquirements to view the 6th Annual
West Virginia Flash Animation Festival

This site was originally created for live viewing at the 2006 West Virginia Flash Animation Festival which took place at West Liberty State College, WV, on April 27,2006. Since this is a media-rich event, including animations, audio, and video, you will need the following items to adequately view the festival:

1. A fast internet connection.

2. Your browser set to 1024 X 768.

3. The latest Flash Player (version 8). Get the Flash Player HERE.

4. IMPORTANT: You will need to allow your browser to view Pop-Up windows to experience this site. The site uses javascript pop-up windows to view individual animations and your browser may block you from viewing these animations if you have "Block pop-ups" enabled.

5. It is highly recommended that you use the FIREFOX browser to view the site. You will be glad you made the switch.

Once you have all everything you need...

Click here to enjoy the show!